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Deante Dance made me feel great about myself! I lost 22 pounds and 22 inches! - - Vanessa
The Deante Dance System and the Meal Planner was my secret Weapon! I've Lost 62 inches and 51 pounds! - - Catherine

Transform your living room into a stage with this upbeat, percussive jam, which includes fast paced and sharp choreography that will leave you ready for an encore.

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Lengthening Lunges Video: Strengthen your lower body through a series of deep lunges, squats and descents. Attain the dancer’s legs you've always wanted.
Floor Work Video: Lengthen your legs and strengthen your core with a series of leg extensions, stretches and develops that will create the long lean limbs you've always desired.

+ Order Your Copy Today: [ DVD ]
+ ONLY: $19.95 + 8.95 S&H
2 Fun Dance Workout Videos!

Urban Rebounding
Urban Rebounding Kids
Cable Flex
Rehab Your Body At Home
Isometric Workout
Perfect Martial Arts Workout
Urban Rebounding GYM
Urban Group    (Corporate)

Deante Dance System An Amazing Offer with Over $70 in FREE Bonus!
Deante Dance Offer
1. 10 Core Moves Video
2. Fundations-Beginner Video
3. Dance Sculpt-Intermediate Video

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FREE: Core Builders-Ab Workout Video
FREE: Hottie Body-Advanced Video
FREE: CD of Incredible Music
FREE: Slim Down Scheduler and Sleek and Slender Meal Planner.

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5 Videos: $100 Value
CD of Incredible Music: $20 Value
Slim Down Scheduler and Sleek and Slender Meal Planner:$20 Value

Deante Dance has a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee Less S&H

The Deante Dance technique is a compilation of both percussive and liquid movements that strengthen and support your core, while lengthening and elongating your entire body. The movement is a combination of contractions, curves, spirals and strikes that move in a fluid, yet rhythmic pattern of dynamic choreography. Inspired by the shapes and forms found in both the Lester Horton & Martha Graham technique, Deante Dance is a unique fusion of all styles of dance with a contemporary twist.

Why workout when you can have fun and Dance the Pounds Away with the Deante Dance System. Introducing an exciting new breakthrough in fitness; the Deante Dance System! The complete weight loss and total body sculpting system that takes the work out of working out!

In as little as 20 minutes a day, you can have fun while you trim your waistline and flatten your abs, sculpt your arms, shoulders, legs and derriere just by dancing the Deante way.

About the Deante Dance Music CD
"The fantastic music of award winning composer William Catanzaro, and percussionist Damien Bassman will make you dance and enjoy every step. The driving beats and beautiful melodies will guarantee to make you get up and dance"

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